The Valese Foundry, founded by Luigi Valese in 1913, is located near the Church of La Madonna dell’Orto, Cannaregio, Venice. Using traditional sand casting methods, it is one of the few foundries that use the plug moulding technique.
The Valese shop in Calle Fiubera is just five minutes’ walk from St Mark’s Square.

Valese has worked for:

The Hotel Gritti, Venice
We supplied Ventian style door handles for 320 doors, ornaments for the windows, lightswitch coverings, bannisters, coat hangers, frames, and keyring tags;

For the Venetian Carnevale 1989 we supplied a large scale glassworking mould weighing 145 kg in the form of a mask by the painter Renato Borsato;

Museum of Venetian Art, Hokkaido, Japan
Venetian style streetlamps;

Municipality of Venice
Reconstruction of 7 streetlamps in the Piazzaetta San Marco (to replace those destroyed during the Pink Floyd concert);

Fox Theater, Atlanta
Reproduction of 14 wall lamps to replace those destroyed in a fire;
Nagoya Pont Italian Village C.O. L.T.Y. (Japan)
12 large-scale horses for use on 6 old gondolas restored at the Tramontin boatyard;
Assicurazioni Generali di Vienna
20 large lions in antique green brass mounted on marble plinths;

Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia
100 small lions in antique green brass.